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Piano Evaluations, Estimates

Piano Evaluations & Estimates: Similar to wear-and-tear on automobiles, there are certain factors that affect the value of your piano. These factors include the brand, age, location, service record, lighting, damage, use, etc.

If you would like to purchase a piano or sell your piano, then the only way to know the exact value of your instrument is to have a piano technician perform a full inspection and written evaluation of the instrument.

Contact us for evaluations and estimates. You will receive a written copy of the evaluation, as well as a full estimate for any repairs, restoration, or refinishing that are deemed necessary during inspection.

Call on Vincent Maccaro Jr. Certified Piano Tuner for Piano Evaluations & Estimates in Bergen County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Sussex County NJ, North New Jersey, Rockland County NY, and Orange County NY.

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