Piano Voicing NJ

Piano Voicing

Piano Voicing affects the piano’s tone, or quality of sound. Piano Voicing, also referred to as tone regulating primarily involves making changes to the tone of the piano by addressing both the static and dynamic hardness of the hammer felt. Goals of voicing are dynamic range and level, timbre (partial development), evenness, and balance. Customer’s personal preferences ultimately dictate tonal levels.

Other factors may also contribute to the tonal character or lack of tonal clarity or evenness such as the general shape of the hammer (from wear), hammer to string mating, string seating, regulation, soundboard and bridge health and response. Assessing where the problem lies and addressing those specific issues when possible is part the process.

Manipulation of hammer hardness is done with the use of needles, shaping and through the use of chemical hardeners and a number of other techniques depending on the type and responsiveness of the hammer.

Voicing is a highly technical procedure requiring experience and expertise and is as important as tuning in bringing out the potential of the instrument and in giving tonal control to the player.

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