Pitch Raising

Pitch Raising

Pitch Raising: A precise and accurate fine tuning can only be accomplished when all of the piano’s strings are close to their proper tension and pitch.

If the piano has not been tuned regularly, or at least once a year, the pianos string tension and pitch may change dramatically, thereby lowering the collective pitch cumulatively for each year it did not receive a tuning. This can ultimately amount to the pitch of the entire piano being 1/2 to 3/4 of a step flat!

In musical terms, at a half step flat, instead of A440 beating at 440 beats per second, it is only beating at approximately 415 beats per second or less. (the A will now sound like a G#) This is perceived by our ear as being very dull and flat. One only has to play the piano with any other instrument that is in tune to the standard of A440 to indeed realize how flat.

If this is the case, then your piano will require a pitch correction, or pitch raising to bring the string tension back up to A440.

This procedure is not to be considered a stable or fine tuning as the increased load of literally a ton+ of string tension has just been added to the instrument, thereby requiring several more visits, the first within a month and then again in several more months in order to stabilize and realize a fine tuning.

Tune your piano minimally once a year and preferably twice annually to maintain pitch and tuning.

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