Protect Your Piano from Humidity

Piano Lifer Saver Climate Control SystemHumidity Control Systems for Pianos: Let us help protect your piano from humidity extremes with a Piano Life Saver Climate Control System by Dampp-Chaser. More than a piece of fine furniture, your piano is a precision instrument. With more than 12,000 individual parts your piano is uniquely susceptible to changes in humidity, yet very few homes are kept at the constant 42% humidity level necessary for tuning and mechanical stability.

High humidity can cause the keys to stick and the strings to rust. Central heating dramatically reduces moisture to unsafe levels, impairing the wood quality and causing rattling keys, slipping pins and, eventually, a cracked soundboard. Under these conditions, it is impossible for even the finest pianos to maintain tuning stability. Because the piano mechanism is enclosed in a cabinet, it can be protected by a simple internal system independent of external conditions.

Now, with the installation of an automatic humidity control system, you can keep your piano in a safe, stable environment, and save hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance in the years ahead and double its life. Vincent is a qualified Field Expert in the design, installation and maintenance of the Piano Life Saver Climate Control System.

Call on Vincent Maccaro Jr. Certified Piano Tuner for Humidity Control Systems for Pianos in Bergen County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Sussex County NJ, North New Jersey, Rockland County NY, and Orange County NY.

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