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“To Vince, Unsung hero of this CD!”
~ Al Broadbent

“I got my piano tuned by Vincent Maccaro yesterday. I was extremely pleased, it sounds absolutely beautiful! He helped me understand the workings of the piano as well as steps I can take to keep it in top condition. I was nervous about having a new person tune my piano. but am so very happy that I did!”
~ Melissa P.

“Vince is the best! Since we moved back to the East Coast and had our Steinway rebuilt, he has helped us keep her in tune and installed a fabulous humidifier/de-humidifier system. He also evaluated an old Jakob Becker living room grand that we have and gave us some great advice about doing work on that piano. He is so easy to work with; really, really, really knows what he is doing; and is clearly passionate about what he does. So passionate, in fact, that his passion is infectious. He is easy to contact and flexible when it comes to appointments. He cares about you as a client and your piano. Knowledge, experience, passion, and a great piano-side manner all speak to the kind of quality you will get when Vincent works on your piano. He is the go-to guy for all of your piano needs. If you haven’t guessed already, I HIGHLY recommend him! You won’t be sorry.”

~ Sally

“I’ve played on several pianos maintained by Mr. Maccaro over the years from compact uprights to concert grands and I can say that unequivocally he has the knowledge and skill to keep any piano playing beautifully and to work with the idiosyncrasies every instrument possesses whether you’re playing Beethoven, Bartok, or the Real Book.”

~ Ryan

“Courteous, polite, professional, always on time or ahead of schedule, and absolutely trustworthy! Mr. Maccaro has a musician’s ear and a surgeon’s hands. This man will get the job done right, the first time, every time! I swear by his skills and set my watch by his appointments. I have counted on his talent and expertise for many years and he has never let me down. Put your doubts aside, have no worries, and call Mr. Maccaro!”

~ Sarah

“Professional and courteous. Amazingly talented! Highly recommend!”

~ Melanie

“To piano tuner Vin! A demo of your excellent work.”
~ Al Broadbent

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for Vincent’s help! I was given an old baby grand with several severe issues (the lid and one of the legs were entirely snapped off!) and he came not only fixed those wonderfully but fixed numerous things I hadn’t even been aware of! I have never met a craftsman who was so dedicated to their craft. Additionally, he didn’t seem to mind the fact that I was so interested in the process–he actually spent the entire time talking to me and explaining what he was doing. My piano is fixed, tuned, and better than ever! He has a customer for life and I only wish I knew more people I could recommend him to.”

~ Meghan

“After years of ineffective, superficial tuning sessions by many different ‘Piano Tuners’ I have finally met Vincent, an artist, a musician, and yes, a true Technician. I was amazed and fascinated with his meticulous work, his care, his knowledge and obvious love for the instrument. My piano was taken apart, cleaned and dissected, levelled, tightened and foreign sounds and vibrations eliminated. Vincent’s kind of workmanship and artistry is very rare and almost non-existent during these days of temporary throw-aways. It is the kind I was very familiar with many years ago back in my father’s day. Vincent is a treasure found for the treasured piano I own. Thank you, Vincent!”

~ Silvana

“Vin Maccaro is a highly skilled piano tuner and technician with the credentials to back it up. Ears of gold and craftsmanship beyond compare. He restored my old Campbell Temlett upright and I am extremely satisfied with his great work. Highly recommended, with enthusiasm.”

~ Don

“Do not hesitate to reach out to Vincent Maccaro, a Registered Piano Craftsman, to care for your piano. He willingly and enthusiastically tackled the care and tuning of my 1920’s era Chickering 5′ grand piano which had not been tuned in recent memory. Happily, he noted that I had kept the environment suitably humidified, which preserved the sound board. It was terribly out of tune and needed the pitch raised nearly across the entire keyboard.

Vincent is personable, professional, thoughtful, engaging and thoroughly professional. He valued my time as much as I did his, calling me with a reminder and notifying his next customer that he would be delayed in his arrival at his next appointment.

He is passionate about his work and eager to share information. This gave me a better understanding of the care needed by an instrument approaching 100 years of age. Sadly, my other antique piano, a square grand, is beyond its useful life and is extremely unlikely to hold a tune. He was honest and forthright about its condition. “A nice piece of furniture.”, was a very tactful way to phrase it.

After spending three hours working on my piano, which was well beyond the norm, we reviewed its tuning needs for the future and arrived at a workable schedule.

I cannot imagine trusting anyone else to maintain my special antique piano.”


“We just hired Vinny to tune our upright piano. We have an old Kimbell that just seemed to have a hard time staying in tune. Vinny came in an examined the piano and showed us that the lack of humidify control was the reason it did not stay in tune. We had VInny install a piano humidity control system. His professionalism and expertise was outstanding. It is rare to find a craftsman with such passion and care for his craft. If you have a piano in your house, call Vinny if you need it tuned, or just have him come over and check it out. You will be glad you did.”

~ Doug

“Vincent is awesome. He took an 88 year old priceless heirloom from my mother, neglected for 20-30 years, and made it sing again so that I will be able to play it. And he did it in an incredibly caring and personal way and with obvious proficiency. Kudos to you, Vincent–you’ll be back. My mother and her piano thank you. (me too!)”

~ Joanne